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::OK, that would be great. [[Bikarhêner:Malafaya|Malafaya]] ([[Gotûbêja bikarhêner:Malafaya|gotûbêj]]) 17:10, 6 rezber 2012 (UTC)
== Where can I request a bot status? ==
I have deposed a few weeks ago a proposal to for bot status to my bot on the Main page's talk page. As I don't know how to request such a flag here, I would like to ask you the place for local bot flag proposal.
When i was getting ready to put a request on Stewards Requests of Permissions, I have noticed that a few days ago, you have deleted my proposal [] without giving any explanation nor without leaving any message to my talk page neither here nor on my home wiki. Can you explain my why? If you find the place inappropriate to request a bot flag, The bot will flood the RC each time it has to edit here, and this is not appreciated by patrollers. Also, the bahaviour of deleting other peoples' comments on wikis are not very well seen.
Best regards.