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You asked me to create verb forms in Kurdish. It is OK to me, but as i don't know anything about Kurdish grammar, you'll have to tell me the rules. Best regards. --[[Bikarhêner:Jagwar|Jagwar]] ([[Bikarhêner nîqaş:Jagwar|gotûbêj]]) 17:25, 27 gelawêj 2012 (UTC)
:George, I have finished the script and am going to proceed on tests. In order to find them all, I will categorize them under the category [[:category:Bot-Jagwar/test]] (page will not be created) so it will be easier to delete them in the case where wrong things are created. Best regards. [[Bikarhêner:Jagwar|Jagwar]] ([[Bikarhêner nîqaş:Jagwar|gotûbêj]]) 22:05, 27 gelawêj 2012 (UTC)